Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Internet Marketing Statistics

Internet marketing statistics are the fuel that gives energy and direction to a powerful internet marketing campaign. Without the use of such statistics, the campaign may end up being designed based on useless assumptions.

You have to figure out what is currently working for other internet marketers and attempt to clone their techniques. This might sound as if you are spying on others. In a sense it is, but it works. Look at as many internet marketing statistics as possible. Does each site have a PR rating? Are they using the keyword phrase as anchor text? How many backlinks does each site have that use the keyword phrase as the anchor text?

After gathering the internet marketing data, you will be in a good position for setting up a great campaign that will help you to place on page one of any search engine. For example, if the top three sites have around 10 backlinks that have an average PR of 2 using the keyword phrase as the anchor text, attempt to get more than ten such backlinks.

Another good example of internet marketing statistics that will help you to target money making niches or products is to gather information on the sales history for certain clickbank products. A useful statistic to deduce is the refund rate on a Clickbank product. If the product is refunded 50 percent of the time, maybe promoting this product will be a total waste of your time and energy.

Good luck with your present and future campaigns and make sure that you try your best to conduct lots of research on a niche, product or service beforehand. Remember that information is power.

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