Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ad Posting Process

In this day of advanced technology, everything is about speed and efficiency; from buying a cup of coffee to purchasing something off the Internet. Nobody wants to queue for an extended period of time to purchase something, go through a long and tedious process of filling in a form or registering for an account.

Efficiency is foremost for Hence, it is extremely important to Classifieds that our users are able to post their classified Ads up as soon as possible, so that they can get sales in the shortest amount of time. With this in mind, the Research and Development team of has looked into and streamlined its Ad posting process.

Users now no longer have to click a multitude of "Next" buttons, and only have to go through 2 pages of Ad details to be ninety percent of the way through in making their Ad live. To make it even simpler and the process shorter, after choosing the country/region and category/sub-category of an Ad, only three fields: the 'Available To' field, 'Ad Headline' and 'Ad Description' are made mandatory. You can of course choose to provide more details for the Ad that your potential buyers might be interested in.

To start the Ad posting process, simply click on to post a Free Ad, or to post a Power Ad.

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