Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ad Tips : Sell What The Public WANTS & WILL Pay Money For!

It's The Law Of DEMAND & SUPPLY.

Sell what the public WANTS and WILL pay you money for.

If what you KNOW is NOT what the public wants, don't waste your time trying to sell it.

You really should consider finding a market with a heavy demand for answers etc... from my experience there is a huge risk of failure going into any market without a demand for the product being created.

So how do you find HOT subjects that the public is hungry for?

It's simple. Look around for what 100's of people are asking questions about. What does is it seem like a sizeable amount of people want or need and can YOU provide them with a
SOLUTION to their dilemma?

Honestly, that's what every smart internet marketer making A LOT of money from the internet is doing. If you choose to do differently though, that would be YOUR choice.

But it's like I said - If you don't SELL what a GREAT Deal of people are interested in and WILL buy, then you might as well NOT try selling anything on the internet at all.

PS: There are exceptions to this rule however as in EVERYTHING else in life...;-)

The important thing is to BE in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT product or service - If you can manage to do that, your success is Guaranteed!

I'd like to know please How to go about discovering what the public wants online?
So I can create a much needed "info product" out of this want and deliver quality answers to their questions.

I know most would say "Just write about what you "already" know" but what if what I know isn't what many people want or are interested in? How can I find what will sell before I go out spending time and money creating a product to offer?

Please any replies and advice on how to determine what kind of HOT selling "How To" products to sell would be appreciated.

Thanks! The internet's worst paradox!

Many tell you to sell only what you love. But what if what you love is never going to make you any money? what if the thousands of people you're trying to sell to couldn't give a hoot what whether you love what you're oferring them or not and they simply won't buy it from you. If THEY don't love it. forget it. You won't sell a damn thing!

But then (and here's the paradox), you can't very well go out on the internet to sell something that's HOT and people LOVE if YOU DON'T LOVE what you're selling to them as well!

It's a crazy paradox, but there you have it - it exists, as plain as day!

It has to be hot, you have to LOVE it or you don't have ANYTHING!

How do you drive traffic?

I suggest getting your hands on a REALLY GOOD (and targeted to your interest groups wants) prize for doing so.

Remember, they're thinking, "What's in it for me?" and need to be motivated. I suggest that you think about who it is you want to target and create a really nice sized package that is in tune what they are interested in as a group (you'll have to do your own research on this one).

Where do you find you target market and announce your survey?

My idea is for you to look into your interest and check out all of the info products that are currently out there. If you can, buy as many as you can that pertain to a single subject (which
should also be a popular or best seller) and see if you can't take what they have written, pick a more specific topic within their product, and fill in the wholes that they left.

People are ALWAYS looking for more detail - and no one information product can hit it all - AND, since it's a popular or best seller, you know there is a market. Just find out what your "competitors" missed, or made unclear and see if you can't do better.
There are a few questions I'd think about when deciding what kind of infoproduct to create. \

Here they are:

1. What do YOU want to learn about that's not readily available online? I'm sure there's SOMETHING you're curious about that there are no e-books on. After you figure that out, go around to different discussion forums and ask people if they'd be interested in the same topic.

Don't do it like you're about to create the product, but casually ask something like, "Does anyone else wonder where all the good resources on XYZ are on the Internet?" Not necessarily that clueless, but you get the point. If people point you to some resources, use those when you're researching info on your new book if there aren't many to be found.

If there ARE already e-books on the subject -- a LOT of them -- move on to something else. If there are only a few, you have a much better chance of dominating that market.

2. What are my subscribers/website visitors continually asking me for? You DO have an ezine, don't you? If so, you probably have several hundred people that trust your judgement, and
come to YOU for advice before they go to anyone else. What's your specialty? What questions do you hear the most? Use the answers to those questions as the basis for your new book.

3. What kinds of questions are people asking OTHER established marketers online? If you don't have your own ezine or site, this one will be most helpful. Again, visit a few discussion groups. See what people are asking for that's not already on the market.

4. And finally, what product do I realize could use some major improvements, and can *I* be the one to make those changes? There may be a lot of info on certain topics that you'd like to write about. But, if people are still asking, this could mean that they're dissatisfied with the info that's already out there. Here's your chance to show them what you know, and establish your own product on those topics.

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